Dolpa Region

Dolpa Region

Dolpo region is a hidden landscape, which is a paradise for trekking, hiking and exploration. This region is similar to the mystical land of Tibet, in the concern of culture and geography. It is a rain shadow area, so you can trek in Dolpa even in the rainy season. It is the border region with Tibet, where people are influenced by the unique culture of the Tibetan highlands. The biological diversity of the Dolpo region is preserved by the Shey Phoksundo National Park.

Among the trekking regions in Nepal, trekking in Dolpo region offers you the distinct experiences to walk through the ethnic villages, monasteries, traditional lifestyle, Himalayan views and awesome landscape. Flora and fauna of the isolated part give you a wonderful impression to explore their lifestyle and activities. It is a pocket area of the Snow Leopard and other rare seeing animal species. The Phoksundo Lake represents a major charm of the Dolpo trekking. Juphal airport is the gateway of Dolpo region treks, where you can fly from Nepaljung.

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