Langtang Valley Trek with Ganjala Pass

Langtang Valley Trek with Ganjala Pass

Langtang Valley Trek with Ganjala Pass is more adventurous journey in the Langtang region. This trek goes through the wonderful Langtang Valley.

This block in the Himalaya is situated at an altitude of 5160m.
Our Langtang trip to the ganja-la takes you over this pass as you make your way south from Langtang village which lies at 3500m and it is here that the national park headquarters is located.

However difficult this route can be, especially if theres a dramatic change in weather patterns that is most likely to go against our venture, the jaw dropping vistas with the diverse ethnic communities we meet on the way, the wildlife, flora fauna make this trek something that only dreams can be made of.
This is an ideal outing for the daring adventure seeker who seeks the thrills of a truly worthwhile tryst into some of the most unique wilderness that can be found on this planet.

The upper Langtang area with the Ganja-la pass provides that special environment that makes nature so special in this part of the world as we wade through clean rivers streams, lush green forests silver grey peaks that go high up into the clouds as we witness different bird species that awaken our instincts for the mysteries that nature constantly gifts us with. While hiking the trails, we bump into the friendly Tamang folks who mainly inhabit these areas its interesting to see them attired in colorful traditional gowns as you see them about their daily chores as they happily welcome you with warm smiles behind a broken tooth here there even invite you over for some buttermilk tea. The village folks hereabouts are truly friendly dont hesitate to strike up a healthy chat with them as your guides will translate their feelings to you, giving you deep insights into the lifestyles of these people living year in year out in these harsh conditions that sometimes even compels them to ignore the wonders of the beauty that surrounds them throughout their lives.

Our overland odyssey commences from Syabru Besi as we plod the trails through Langtang village. By going through this route we avoid a stay at Dhunche which is a small trading post of the area that meets the daily needs of essential commodities for the local folks who stay in this area. We spend several days hiking up through the lovely alpine valleys of Kyangjin Gompa where we get 2 more days to explore the wonderful glaciers in the higher valleys with the possibility to scale up some little peaks for superb views of the surrounding areas. This also allows us to acclimatize prepare for the grungy climb to Ganja La which is not a cake walk by any means; our lungs are exercised to adapt to the higher altitudes which makes it convenient for us to cope with the thin air that we experience above.

After we complete this fantastic pass, we return via Helambu village which exudes a Tibetan aura as you see cultivated fields enclosed by stone walls as well as grazing yaks, well known to be the most important animal that people rely on hereabouts for survival. From Tarke Gyang, we descend to Melamchi Khola before climbing to Pati Bhanjyang, then trek down to Sundarijal at a leisurely trot from where we drive back to Katmandu.

As a note of caution from the ADVENTURE CLUB, It would be wise to realize that Good quality equipments and a reasonable amount of knowledge in mountaineering is a must for trekking in this area. Its always a great feeling to be on the good side of things when planning a venture in some of the remote corners of Nepal; this avoids mishaps gives us the fulfillment of a trip well enjoyed without any disasters.

Day to Day Itinerary

Day 01 :Arrive in Kathmandu (1300m).

Day 02 :Kathmandu valley sightseeing.

Day 03 :Drive to Syabru Bensi (1462m).

Day 04 :Syabru besi to Lama Hotel (2430m).

Day 05 :Lama Hotel to Langtang village (3370m).

Day 06 :Langtang village to Kyanjing Gompa (3730m).

Day 07 :Acclimatization at Kyanjing Gompa.

Day 08 :Kyanjing Gompa to Ngegang (4080m).

Day 09 :Ngegang to Ganja La passes (5130m) - Keldang (4270m).

Day 10 :Keldang to Dukpu (4040m).

Day 11 :Dukpu to Tarke Gyang (2740m).

Day 12 :Tarke Gyang to Sermathang (2621m).

Day 13 :Sermathang to Malemchi Pul Bazaar (846m).

Day 14 :Drive to Kathmandu.

Day 15 :Rest day.

Day 16 :Transfer to airport.

Fact of Trip

Duration: 16 Day(s)

Trip Grade: Moderate

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